Gold Crackle-Textured Bulb Vase, 1960

Kastrup Glas, Denmark


£45 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A vintage hyacinth bulb vase, produced by Kastrup Glas, Denmark, from its 1960 production catalogue (Blomsterløg nr. 27930).

The diameter of the vase is flattened to an oval so that it can be easily accommodated on narrow window sills.

Its body, executed in an understated golden amber colour, is decorated with a dense network of moulded 'crackles' - a nod to the surface finishes of traditional Danish bulb vases.


  1. Material: Glass
  2. Height: 150 mm / "
  3. Width or Diameter: 70 mm / "
  4. Country of Origin: Denmark
  5. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  6. Vintage Condition: Near-perfect.

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