'Brava' Glass Dish

Ann & Göran Wärff, 1967

Kosta Boda, Sweden


£50 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A vintage 'Brava' series bowl, made of thick and heavy crystal, designed by Ann & Göran Wärff for Swedish glassworks, Kosta Boda, in 1967.

The look of the series was inspired by the holes made when ice fishing - a smooth, crystal-clear wide rim that gives way to a choppily-textured bowl interior. They were individually created in wooden moulds, so no two are ever exactly identical as the moulds quickly char and change.

Signed to the side, 'Kosta - Brava' and bears original factory label.


  1. Material: Glass
  2. Height: 60 mm / "
  3. Width or Diameter: 170 mm / "
  4. Country of Origin: Sweden
  5. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  6. Vintage Condition: Excellent - occasional, small, light and isolated signs of use.

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