Hotworked Vase (WH 5954)

Göran Wärff, c.1965

Kosta, Sweden

£70 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A relatively scarce and early Göran Wärff design for Kosta Glass, Sweden, dating to the mid-late 1960s - small thick-walled freeblown vase executed in heavy lead crystal, with a spiral decoration hotworked on the front side.

Signed 'Kosta WH 5954' to the base, with the 'W' for 'Wärff' and the 'H' for 'Hyttarbetad' - roughly, 'foundry-worked', or 'hotworked'.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 90mm / " Height:
  3. 90mm / " Width or Diameter:
  4. Sweden Country of Origin:
  5. 1960s-1970s Period of Manufacture:
  6. Age-related base-wear Vintage Condition:

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