Textured Cristallo Bowl

Mario Pinzoni, 1969

Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Italy

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A large and very heavy (2.7kg / 6lb) vintage cristallo (clear lead crystal) bowl, model 14257, designed by Mario Pinzoni for Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Murano, in 1969. It is illustrated in the factory's catalogue for that year.

The exterior is decorated with highly textured water-like ripples and waves, created by handworking the glass whilst hot. The rim has been similarly hotworked to turn it in slightly on both sides of the bowl.

Original, older style, paper factory label affixed to the side.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 100mm / " Height:
  3. 225mm / " Width or Diameter:
  4. Italy Country of Origin:
  5. 1960s-1970s Period of Manufacture:
  6. Near perfect, lightest wear Vintage Condition:

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