Red Soffiato Pot Saucer, c.1958

Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Italy

£40 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A vintage ruby red glass plant pot drip saucer for small pots (of 60mm / 2⅓" diameter), produced by Seguso Vetri d'Arte, Murano, around 1958.

Of a delicate soffiato (thinly-blown) glass, in the style of classic Murano glass on the 1920s, it has a relatively deep dish and a wide rim. Ideal for indoor herbs and miniature cacti.

Two of the four saucers we have bear their original factory labels, which date production from the early-to-late 1950s.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 10mm / " Height:
  3. 130mm / " Width or Diameter:
  4. Italy Country of Origin:
  5. 1940s-1950s Period of Manufacture:
  6. Near perfect Vintage Condition:

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