Textured Pitcher-Vase, c.1970

S.T.E.L.V.I.A., Italy


£50 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

An attractive vintage pitcher-vase, of opal white glass cased in a pale blue, produced by Empoli glassworks S.T.E.L.V.I.A. (Società Toscana Esercizio Lavorazione Vetri Industriali e Artistici) in the late 1960s or 1970s.

The vase is fully decorated with a raised design of wheels, petals and olives, and has an applied hollow clear glass handle.

Moulded to the base, 'Made In Italy'.


  1. Material: Glass
  2. Height: 220 mm / "
  3. Width or Diameter: 200 mm / "
  4. Country of Origin: Italy
  5. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  6. Vintage Condition: Near mint.

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