Architectural Glass Canister

Lars Hellsten, c.1970

Skruf, Sweden


£40 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A fantastic vintage glass storage canister in the shape of a building, with a cork bung base, designed by Lars Hellsten for Swedish glassworks, Skruf, in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Drawing from the architecture of North Africa and the Near East, it's awash with domes, doors and finials, created using several moulds, with the constiuent parts bonded together.

Whilst definitely erring more in the direction of form than function, it would be a very excellent place to stash your jellybeans.


  1. Material: Glass, Cork
  2. Height: 190 mm / "
  3. Width or Diameter: 100 mm / "
  4. Country of Origin: Sweden
  5. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  6. Vintage Condition: Near-perfect.

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