'Spirit of Sweden' Schnapps

Margareta Hennix, c.1993

Reijmyre Glasbruk, Sweden

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A scarce set of six vintage and vibrant tall schnapps glasses, called 'The Spirit of Sweden' (model 19318), designed by Margareta Hennix for by Swedish glassworks, Reijmyre, c.1993.

The cobalt blue-footed glasses have eye-catching stems containing chunky twisted canes of blue and opaque bright yellow - taking in the colours of the Swedish flag - encased in clear glass, topped with a matching cobalt blue knop and a thick clear bucket-shaped bowl.

Each glass bears its original red factory label to the foot.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 200mm / " Height:
  3. 70mm / " Width or Diameter:
  4. Sweden Country of Origin:
  5. 1980s-1990s Period of Manufacture:
  6. Perfect Vintage Condition:

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