'Knipling' Decanter

Oluf Jensen & Michael Bang, 1982

Holmegaard, Denmark


A vintage 'Knipling' (or 'Lace') series glass decanter with optic ribbed body and decorative stopper, designed by Oluf Jensen Michael Bang for Holmegaard, Denmark.

'Knipling' was originally designed by Jensen in 1923, as a commission from the Royal Copenhagen ceramics factory for a glassware service to complement their dinner service of the same name. The original incarnation of the Holmegaard service was ornately engraved with matching floral motifs.

In 1982 the long-discontinued service was resurrected, enlarged and modernised by Michael Bang, with unadorned surfaces that allowed the complex knops and elegant ribbing a greater prominence.

The factory label still attached to the decanter indicates that it was produced in 1984, and is complete with original carton.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 235mm / " Height:
  3. 125mm / " Width or Diameter:
  4. Denmark Country of Origin:
  5. 1980s-1990s Period of Manufacture:
  6. Perfect Vintage Condition:

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