'Boda Zoo' Large Frog Figure

Bertil Vallien, c.1970

Kosta Boda Åfors, Sweden


£45 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A vintage and quite scarce cast glass figure of a frog from the 'Boda Zoo' series, the largest of the two sizes available. It was designed around the early 1970s by Bertil Vallien at Swedish glassworks, Åfors, then part of Kosta Boda.

The figure was hand-poured, which necessarily incorporates the foibles of hand-made glass processes - random bubbles, swirls and ripples.


  1. Material: Glass
  2. Height: 60 mm / "
  3. Width: 120 mm / "
  4. Country of Origin: Sweden
  5. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  6. Vintage Condition: Perfect.

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