Early Teak & Limba Wood Monkey

Kay Bojesen, 1951

Atelier Kay Bojesen, Denmark


£230 (approx. € EUR / $ USD)

A vintage handmade wooden monkey figure, an icon of 20th Century Danish design, conceived by Kay Bojesen in 1951. This example dates to the early-mid 1960s, and has a beautiful rich patina and depth of colour absent from more recent production pieces.

With its stylised hooked hands and feet, it looks as great hanging off a shelf as it does sat on one.

Each part of the monkey is hand-turned from solid teak, with limba-wood highlights. The limbs are attached with elastic and are fully posable. The hands and feet are jointed and are still as stable as when they were made.

The elastic holding the limbs has been recently renewed with official Kay Bojesen parts, so it will be secure for many years to come. Whilst it was apart, it was carefully cleaned and finished using a very high quality Danish oil.

It is stamped to the sole of the left foot 'Kay Bojesen - Denmark - Copyright'.


  1. Material: Teak & limba wood.
  2. Height (head to foot): 190 mm / "
  3. Country of Origin: Denmark
  4. Period of Manufacture: 1960s-1970s
  5. Vintage Condition: Very occasional and very light marks, but none terribly noticeable. Generally, excellent.

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