Form 1714 Suncatcher

Christer Sjögren, c.1965

Lindshammar Glasbruk, Sweden

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A vintage, very large, and very scarce Form 1714 suncatcher in bright aqua-green etched glass, with a pronounced sunburst or snowflake motif, designed by Christer Sjögren for Lindshammar in the mid/late 1960s.

The surface has been entirely acid-etched, done only as part of a unique client order rather than as standard production. It provides a diffuse glow when hung in a window, and stops the pattern being lost against busier backgrounds.

Being hand-pressed, using a method not unlike pressing a monogram into sealing wax, they necessarily incorporate a 'rusticated' look - often including random bubbles, uneveness and asymmetry. Consequently, each may differ slightly in size or appearance from the illustrations.

Each suncatcher comes with a hanging kit, consisting of a 50cm ball chain, two s-hooks, and a connector for the suncatcher, all in electro-polished stainless steel.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 180mm / " Width or Diameter:
  3. Sweden Country of Origin:
  4. 1960s-1970s Period of Manufacture:
  5. Perfect Vintage Condition:

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