Abstract Suncatcher

Bertil Vallien, c.1965

Kosta Boda Åfors, Sweden

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A vintage suncatcher in crystal clear glass featuring an impressed motif of Norse mythology rendered in the abstract, designed by Bertil Vallien for Swedish glassworks, Kosta Boda Åfors, in the 1960s.

They are sometimes also found as hanging glass elements on Swedish wrought iron chandeliers.

The glass is hand-pressed, using a method not unlike pressing a monogram into sealing wax, and necessarily incorporates an uneven look - often including bubbles, swirls and frit. Consequently, each suncatcher is unique, and may differ slightly from the illustrations.


  1. Glass Material:
  2. 70mm / " Width or Diameter:
  3. Sweden Country of Origin:
  4. 1960s-1970s Period of Manufacture:
  5. Perfect Vintage Condition:

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